My Personal Journey

My Personal Journey

Over the last 2 years I have helped over 100 people get freedom from their anxiety/ panic attacks in my private practice while also being involved in community projects and also serving as a vice-president for the merchant association in Union City, California. In many ways, I am living a life that I absolutely never dreamed possible.

But it wasn’t always this way…

I also failed a lot, suffered from anxiety, fears, panic attacks with the result being that my family believed that I was withdrawn and angry all the time. Truth be told, I was very snappy. I really took a lot of risk to grow as a person to really make the difference that I am out to make in the world. With all the fears plaguing me, it really took me a while to figure out my path and my true self-expression in life. I tried everything to get out my head, partied a lot to distract myself, drinking to relax, but underneath it all, there was a lot of pain. I really was scared to deal with my gremlins. But it wasn’t until I started to heal myself from the inside out that happiness and peace of mind started to become present in my life. And because of it, my path began to unfold with clarity and direction.

For the last few years, I have set many goals, and instead I had let go to the “Highest Good”. And the goals I set, I did not want to share with you, because I did not want to deal with potential embarrassment of being a failure publicly.

That’s why I feel vulnerable sharing about the goal I have set for the next 90 days, because this goal is bigger than me. It’s a big goal for me and I feel excited about what it can provide for people.

My goal is to give 100 FREE consultations in the next 90 days to people who are looking to get control back and their lives, so they can live a life that they absolutely love. If I am successful, this would be the biggest milestones ever in 90 days’ period.

Why do I care so much? Well because when I was living in fear, with anxiety and panic attacks, it felt like I was absolutely losing control, that I wanted to quit living life. You see, I had no freedom, I was constrained and my fears would dictate my life, where I went, the mood I was in. (I couldn’t even fly on an airplane). It wasn’t until I started to face my fears, my anxiety and my panic attack that I started to become attractive, more loving and at peace with myself. Without facing my fears, I would have absolutely bankrupt my life of freedom. I want the WHOLE WORLD to benefit from the gifts of peace, mental freedom and love, so that we may all create the path that honors our Higher Self.

But the problem is that there are SO many gifted people in the world plagued with fears and anxiety, that they learn to live through it but never really reaching their true potential since their life revolves around their anxieties. Some of them are shameful to even share it with friends and family, because it seems so embarrassing, and that people would think them crazy. They just don’t know a better way to feel WHOLE again.

I want to help

That’s why I am giving away 100 FREE consultations which is life changing. And I will give people the confidence to get control back in their life with ease and to have freedom to live a life that they absolutely love.

So, will you hold this vision for me having 100 people to experience, ease, freedom and control back in their lives during the next 90days?

If you know of anyone who is struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, will you share this link with them? I would love to make a contribution to you and to your people.