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Highest Performing NLP life-coach and Hypnotherapist in the Bay Area, 

Sarah is one of the most highly competent mentors and authorities in the field of hypnosis. Her specialty lies in solving issues of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, with a high success rate of 92% in the field of hypnosis. She is a highly sought after transformational leader in the Bay Area, leading both men and women to overcome obstacles standing in the way of their health, success, and happiness. Sarah has supported many leaders in the Bay Area, whether they were struggling with anxiety, their performance at work, or confidence. Sarah has always been the top-rated Coach of choice for Bay Area Leaders and every person she works with WINS in life.

Her Journey


When Sarah first started out, she struggled, because she had to help herself first. She had

no idea that one day she would be supporting others in making positive changes in life.

Sarah dug deep inside her heart to overcome her own anxiety, past trauma, and limitations no matter how painful it was. 

She walks the walk every day in her own life, and hopes that one day, others may be inspired by her journey and follow. It was so

discouraging at one time because people around her didn’t understand her frustrations, she

felt angry, the circumstances were never right, and she would find herself being

discouraged by the negativity of her anxiety and fears about life.

Through her own healing journey, Sarah discovered a heart-based approach, at solving

her own anxiety, fear and panic in life. This”Winning” System allowed her to solve her

inner conflicts and turmoil so she could focus on her life once and for all. Sarah strongly

believes, if you have anxiety or emotional turmoil on the inside at all times, then it will be

hard to focus on your life’s mission or destiny. Through her own process, she created a

system that helps others overcome anxiety, panic, and depression for good, such that

people can be free to fulfill their destinies once and for all.  Sarah has made her

signature system her life’s mission. She calls it “Winning”. She has always felt called to

share this discovery with the world.

In her first year of sharing her method with the world, Sarah helped hundreds of people

go from a place of living in fear, anger, and anxiousness to living a life filled with

confidence joy, peace, and power so they could tackle their bigger purpose in life and

start fulfilling their destinies.  Sarah has now taught her Winning Heart-based step-by-

step system to hundreds of people every year. It’s the most amazing, humbling and

powerful journey for those looking to live life on their own terms.

If you look at the up-and-coming transformational leaders of today world, you will find

that many of them have mastered the art of experiencing inner confidence, peace, joy, and

power before they could pursue bigger goals confidently, and live life on their own terms.

Despite the odds, Sarah has triumphed and she is now an inspiration for all she connects

with. She has walked the walk, and she’s fully embodied having people WIN around her.


Sarah’s Background

Sarah is a certified clinical hypnotherapist practicing in Union City, California. She also

holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and Human Resources. She is a

trainer of hypnosis and trainer of Neuro-linguistic programming. Sarah has also served as a

performance coach for leaders around the Bay Area, and also served as a board member

and Vice President for the chamber of commerce in Union City. Sarah believes in

continuously developing herself and staying on cutting-edge technology. She is on a

mission to activate the healing potential of the subconscious mind through the power

of God that’s inside every individual. 

Whether you want to be more confident, lose weight, quit smoking, let go of phobias, gain

focus, experience childhood healing, or get an edge on your new year’s resolution, Sarah

at Powerful Hypnosis Healing is here to help. Sarah has developed proven personalized

methods and techniques that have helped many clients achieve their personal goals.

Everything is possible in life, the key is to find someone who’s already successful at doing it, and who knows the path.

~Sarah Lantimo

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