Create A Powerful New You

David D.
Union City, CA

The sessions really helped me. I had 14 sessions within 5 months because I was could not get over an ex- girlfriend and was having really bad anxiety and negative thoughts. The situation was really messing with my head at work and could not focus at all especially being in tech. I stopped going to the gym, stopped taking care of myself, as if I lost all motivation. The hypnotherapist told me with hypnosis I could let go of my ex and heal, to start attracting my ideal mate. That’s really what I wanted because I was dealing with this for two and half year. I did therapy, Reiky, Yoga, but nothing seemed to have the same impact as the hypnotherapy sessions I had with Sarah

I am forever grateful, the sessions I had with her is worth every penny. Not cheap, but I got the results that I wanted. She is very warm caring person, was able to understand me on a very deep level, which I am forever grateful for. I now have more confidence, I am now focused at work, was able to get a promotion because I healed myself. And two month ago I met my dream partner, I was not expecting that, but that’s the icing on the cake for me. it’s been great to find a healer that knows her stuff and that focused on me the whole time to help me achieve the results I been wanting.I highly hypnotherapy and this place for great results.

Sonny S.
San Jose, CA

I had a wonderful experience working with Sarah. I do not want to posts what my personal issues were that I worked on with Sarah, but I will say that I’ve been dealing with them for decades and traditional therapy never worked for me.

First of all, I’d like to say that Sarah is authentic and she genuinely cares about her clients. She will listen to you, and most importantly her heart is open. You will feel safe in your most vulnerable states.

Second of all, I’d like to call out that her “Life Coaching” that she offers with her hypnosis session is more powerful than any conventional therapy session I’ve ever experienced. She takes the time to truly understand where the issues are rooted from and really helps you to heal deep rooted pains (that you didn’t even know about).

Lastly, her hypnosis is powerful that you will immediately feel the difference in your everyday life. I’ve spent the last 10 months with Sarah and she has helped me heal past wounds, improve my current situations, and plan successfully for the future.

If you are committed to life changes, Sarah will commit and help you through the process. Thank you, Sarah. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Erica. Cupertino, CA

Sarah is exactly the type of person I needed to talk to when I was feeling my worst…I was sure my problem would be too strange and too complex for her to help me, but she assured me everything was fine. Coming into the hypnosis I made sure to have an open mind, and more importantly an open imagination. Sarah helped me with my problem and also taught me how to deal with it on my own if anything ever came up.
Being deeply hypnotized makes you extremely receptive to verbal suggestions, so no matter your reason for it, let your mind be free and Sarah will guide you along as you learn amazing things…
Sarah changed my life in a very positive way!

Claudia. F Vallejo, CA

began therapy with Sarah a few months ago and I couldn’t be happier. She has helped me like no other therapy or drug ever has. I was referred to her at a time when I was completely desperate and needed help. I can’t say enough good things to thank this wonderful woman. She’s helped me find the peace of mind I didn’t think was possible. I highly recommend her!

Austin A. Union City,

Sarah is absolutely amazing! I started seeing Sarah after I experienced my first anxiety attacks. In my case, I realized I had become susceptible to having such attacks frequently and in situations where I would not at all have previously expected them to occur (e.g., when simply driving to work).

However, through my sessions with Sarah (and, of course, changing a number of my daily/weekly habits), I am very happy to note that I feel exceptionally better, back in control, and I’m unsure that I would have been able to learn how to manage my anxiety without her guidance and efforts.

If you’re experiencing a new emotional or mental state that is negatively impacting your life, I encourage you to reach out to Sarah and give her expertise, kindness, and patience a try. Our emotional/mental health affects everything about us, and you don’t need to continue struggling alone.

Sarah A. Fremont, CA

I started seeing Sarah after I left my job of seven years to focus on a new passion. She’s helped me tremendously as I’ve struggled with self doubt and with managing the anxieties that I experienced as a result of trying something new. I always walk out of her office feeling empowered, refreshed, and in control of my path. I highly recommend Sarah (and Powerful Hypnosis Healing) to everyone!

Gc H Hayward, CA

Sarah is Great!
I can’t thank her enough what a blessing she is. Last year I went through multiple obstacles all at the same time one of which including divorce. Dealing with all those issues all at the same time eventually left me in a mentally confusing and depressed state. Then my sister made the call to Sarah. Sarah was willing to meet me the same day. And boy did I need her help. Since October of 2016 Sarah has helped me develop the mental tools I needed to get through my depressed state and to conquer life in the present. She’s helped me to learn who I am and unlock the things from the past as far as childhood that reside deep down inside that we tend to hold on to. I have a new lease on life… I’ve even gotten married again. All Thanks to Sarah! She’s very professional understanding and to the point. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Alex S. Union City, CA

If you need help or are going through any kind of stress in your life, go and see Sarah you will not regret it!! I have had 6 sessions so far and my attitude, stress, and personal well being have drastically improved. I am feeling much better about myself and life in general. I’m very much looking forward to my next sessions.

Mark F. Castro Valley, CA

I am fortunate to be a patient of Sarah. After 8 sessions I got back 90% of my confidence . Due to her incredible and powerful approach and techniques I got rid of anxiety and panics attacks which neither a doctor or medication could give me before.

Sarah E, Hayward, CA

I came to Sarah with two specific stresses in my life that I wanted to overcome. I didn’t realize she would be able to help me with many more aspects in my life and I’ve found myself to be overall a much happier, more determined woman. My current transition in life has been much smoother because of my sessions with Sarah.
From our initial appointment I found myself very comfortable with Sarah. Her personality is very welcoming and genuine. She is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and helped me to understand it in very relatable situations.
I have had about 6 of 8 sessions with Sarah and enjoy every visit feeling refreshed and motivated when I leave her office.
I have seen positive changes in my life since seeing her and remain very focused on my path through this transitional stage of my life.
I highly recommend her services.

Silvia Z. Newark CA

Sarah is truly amazing with a special gift to connect with your subconscious and bring out healing and understanding about whatever issues you may be dealing with!

I first met Sarah over the phone – that was sort of our initial ‘interview’. She was very easy to talk to and from there we scheduled our first consultation. From the moment we met Sarah in person, we immediately felt at ease with her, especially my daughter, which was the most important part of this journey. Sarah thoroughly explained to us how hypnotherapy works, its process and what to expect. She then completed a hypnosis test on her to check whether my daughter is even capable of undergoing hypnosis. I was sitting right across my daughter when she performed this test and it was really fascinating to watch my daughter following Sarah’s directions under hypnosis. The only time I’ve ever seen anything like that was on TV and even then, I was quite skeptical. After seeing Sarah in action with my daughter, I felt a sense of hope and comfort that this was was the right choice of treatment for her.

We signed up for a total of eight sessions, which began in June and we have our last session in October. And all I have to say is WOW!! My daughter has totally transformed into a new person! It’s like much of the negative traits have been shed and replaced with a much calmer, no-attitude, more mature demeanor, better focus, improved relations with her sister and best of all – four A’s and 2 B’s on her latest progress report!!! Sure – some may argue that much of her better grades may be because of the new school settings as she’s moved to Junior High this fall or the better teachers, but personally I strongly believe that Sarah’s mainly responsible for it. Even my husband can’t believe our daughter’s change since she started seeing Sarah and says jokingly “What happened to her? This is scary!” Prior hypnotherapy, it would take several attempts to get her to listen, or she would be annoyed or do a lousy job. Now, especially lately, she’s like “sure” or “no problem”, even ‘volunteering’ at times helping around the house, or doing chores without having to be reminded all the time! Also my youngest daughter admits that her sister has been nicer to her.

Choosing hypnotherapy as our choice of treatment over medication or other method of counseling for our daughter was one of the best decisions we have made and choosing Sarah as her hypnotherapist was THE best choice with made.

Any parents dealing with behavior problems or have kids with ADD and would like to seek solutions other than medicating their kids, I highly recommend to give Sarah a try!

I sought out Sarah for my eleven year old daughter to deal with multiple issues: She was diagnosed with ADD late last year, hence lacked focus and organization at home and school with grades no better than mostly 2’s (even a couple of 1’s), was constantly fighting with her younger sister, gave attitude when asked to do her chores or whenever things didn’t go her way, was constantly forgetting things, and the list goes on and on.

I know these things may sound like typical teenage problems, but as parents we were just tired of the constant battles, the yelling and the frustrations. We firmly believed that she could do better in school, have a good relationship with her sister and be able to get along with her parents – WITHOUT MEDICATION – so I did some research and came across hypnotherapy, which lead me to Sarah.