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The Secret to success is confidence! Whether it be confidence at communicating, building relationships, or confidence in your capabilities at getting the job done. Getting confidence can actually be quicker then what one might expect. Combining NLP Coaching with Hypnosis Confidence training has helped many people accomplish their goals and feel prouder about success in life.

Confidence = Success = Accomplishments = Satisfaction = Proud Leader Of Your Life

The problem is without confidence people sabotage their opportunities or worse, they don’t even go for the important things in life anymore. Living a life without confidence is a life lived in fear, it gets frustrating. The constant overthinking of every detail, doubting decisions, and the inability to take risks can create a lot of missed opportunities in life that could have made life easier on the person.

Are You Experiencing
Any of These Signs Interfering With Your Success Right Now?

If You Answered “YES” To Any Of These Questions, Then NLP coaching with Hypnotherapy Sessions Can Absolutely Help You!

Here Is “Why” It’s Important To Make Your Success a Priority

NLP Coaching with Hypnosis confidence training can absolutely help you prioritize yourself and your confidence. Whenever you are committed to achieving excellence in your career, Confidence no longer becomes a luxury but rather a necessity.

Why Confidence? Confidence to ask for a raise…Confidence in your capabilities at getting projects done on time…Confidence to stay focused & overcome obstacles, no matter what’s going on at home. Confidence is a way of life, acquiring real confidence at the conscious & subconscious level of mind will set up a solid foundation for greater success in life.

Here Are The Top 15
Benefits of “What” You’ll Get From Acquiring Real Confidence

If You Answered “YES” To Any Of These Questions,
Then NLP coaching with Hypnotherapy Sessions
Can Absolutely Help You!

Here’s “How” I Am Able To Reprogram The Mind For Greater success

Having supported hundreds of people with great success, here’s my proven method:

By using my latest cutting-edge NLP coaching techniques for maximum conscious and subconscious integration. Combined with my cutting-edge hypnosis session where I give you suggestions, break unwanted beliefs, rearrange values, and place goals in your future at a deep unconscious level. With proven induction methods, and through Mental emotional release (MER), emotional release techniques (ERT), near linguistic programming, Parts integrations, Ericksonian /Elman techniques, Timeline Therapy, Regression therapy, and NLP breakthrough sessions will have you create faster results in a much more holistic way. Through NLP coaching and hypnosis, you’ll be able to break the patterns, habits and emotions that are standing in the way of your health, success and happiness. It’s the ultimate reprogramming gift that you can give to yourself.

“What If” It’s Really Possible To Create A Powerful New You?

Of Course You Can!

Absolutely, people throughout history have reinvented themselves over and over again to achieve new height of success. Sometimes, they don’t share how they’ve done it and sometimes they do. A lot of famous CEOs, actresses, athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs rave about hypnosis and NLP coaching. They rave about how it has transformed their lives for the better. It’s up to your willingness to walk a positive path at this time in your life.

Give yourself the opportunity to expand your bandwidth and live up to your potential.

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Spots are limited, call today to receive a 50% discount on your initial Consult Session. I personally guarantee that if you make a diligent effort to change your old patterns, habits and emotions that are holding you back with hypnosis and don’t see results based on the number of recommended sessions, I continue working with you until those results are achieved.

Once my calendar is filled up, you’ll have to be on a waiting list. You have the power to change the trajectory of your path. Some people put up with the same old situation for years, and wonder why their career is not growing as fast as they would like it to. They don’t seek the support for growth until everything keeps falling apart. It’s sad, because only if they had gotten support, they would of been in a better position and would have accomplished the success by now. There is hope, call today. I would love to talk to you to find out how to support you in moving forward with success.

Your Key To Success Who Claim it!

It’s too painful to keep working and and not feel like your are succeeding in your career.

By Not claiming and prioritizing your Confidence & success, You’ll continue to:

Client Testimonials

I started seeing Sarah after I left my job of seven years to focus on a new passion. She’s helped me tremendously as I’ve struggled with self doubt and with managing the anxieties that I experienced as a result of trying something new. I always walk out of her office feeling empowered, refreshed, and in control of my path. I highly recommend Sarah (and Powerful Hypnosis Healing) to everyone!

Sarah A. Fremont, CA

Hypnotherapy sessions with Sarah are super effective! I did a 6-session package which was absolutely fantastic. Sarah really got to the core of some of my most stubborn thoughts/beliefs/fears. I found her talent exceptional for helping me to transform my outlooks on life. I am recommending that friends and family go see Sarah, as I believe it is good for general mental and emotional health to have periodic check-ins with a trustworthy professional who can explain to you how the psycho-social/emotional mind works. Sarah is the perfect professional for such a job – she is awesome!

Viva I. San Francisco, CA

I have been to various counselors/therapists but none have given me the results I got with Sarah! I have take away some wonderful tools that have helped me to see beyond the grief and depression that I was experiencing. One of the tools she gave me helps me on a daily basis in how I am seeing things in my life. Sarah’s manner was so soft and compassionate, it was like sharing with a good friend. Our next to last session gave me exactly what I needed, because it ended with her expressing to me things that I had not shared but felt deeply in my heart. I left her office feeling like I had a great weight lifted and that life is and can be good!!

Patricia R. Lincoln, CA