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Heal Your Broken Heart

Healing matters of the heart is absolutely necessary after a relationship ends.

 On average it take a person 3-5 years to mentally heal from an unhealthy relationship.

 The secret of hypnosis combined with NLP coaching can get anyone healed in a fast

 time, as little as 2-3 months.  With Hypnosis you can easily get over your ex, and get your

 life back.

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 It’s of outmost importance to heal before even thinking about dating again.  After a

 breakup people often experience grief, hurt pain, and trauma.  Some may even feel numb on the inside.  The pain can feel so intense, as if someone died.  It’s as if someone has

 taken their future away from them. (that’s called emotional trauma by the way). cloud sitting broken heart

After a break up, the tendency of the mind is to start dating again to avoid the pain.

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 Oftentimes, the person hides the hurt, the pain and the trauma by immediately dating

 again.  People even go on date, begin kissing their date, then suddenly their exes flashes to

 them.  This makes it impossible to create something new with anyone else.  On the flip side, others think, with time the heart is going to heal itself.  Unfortunately, they end up

 finding themselves disappointed, facing the same challenges again.


 hypnosis heals broken heart

The danger is this viscious cycle starts creating relationship doubts in the mind.  The

 person will find themselves projecting fears onto the person they are dating.  As a result,

 this creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, a vicious cycle of insecurities.  Not healing the heart

after a breakup makes it 87% likely to become co-dependent on the

 next love partner.


  Healing the broken heart is the key.  The outcome of healing the heart will provide the

space to begin opening up the heart to love again.  This opens the heart to possibilities of a

healthy partnership, commitment or marriage.  One will begin to feel lighter, as if weights

has been lifted off the shoulders. Hurtful memories will become distant again as if they

don’t matter anymore.  So distant, you’ll begin to think straight again.  Finally you’ll start

becoming your normal confident self again. 
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Are You Experiencing Any Signs Of A Broken Heart Your Life Right Now? 

Obsessively thinking about the other person?

False hope, they are going to come back?

Part of you still wants them?

Spying online or stalking them? 

Feeling humiliated and rejected?

Constantly wishing you had done things differently?

Constantly posting on social media hoping they’ll notice you?

Feeling cheated on, and manipulated?

Texting or calling them even when they are unresponsive?

Have lack of motivation to do anything productive for yourself?

Unable to focus at work?

Drinking/ smoking to cope with the situation, going on a binge?

Comparing that person to every potential mate that approaches you?

Secretly waiting for their next relationship to end?

Wishing you’ve gotten pregnant or got them pregnant to tie them down?

Feeling powerless around them, and end up doing things you are not proud of?

Feeling shame, unappreciated, and disrespected?

Feeling cheated on, and manipulated?


If You Answered “YES” To Any Of These Questions, Then Hypnotherapy Sessions Can Absolutely Help You Heal Your Heart!

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Here Is ” Why” Healing Your Broken Heart Is The Solution: 

The heart is an attractor in life.  If the heart is closed off, most likely, we end up attracting

close hearted people.  Healing your heart is necessary after your relationship ends.  Even

more so if you’re the hurt one. It’s a the time to re-learn yourself and to re-prioritize

yourself.  It’s an opportunity to break the old patterns habits and emotions that’ve been

holding you back in relationships.  Through healing your heart, you’ll find love for yourself, and you’ll be able to define your needs.  This will have you feel more confident once you start dating again.

Now, it’s important to break these old patterns at the subconscious

level.  This is the key for you to regain your self worth and self-confidence.  You’ll feel much more competent at enforcing healthy boundaries in future relationships.  The benefit is that you’ll begin to attracting healthier partners that are a match for you.

Healing your heart puts you in control to never loose yourself in relationship again.  You’ll naturally feel better equipped for any future relationship.

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Changing your life is only a phone call away!

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Here Is “What” You’ll Get From Healing Your Heart

Confidently communicate your needs and your wants. 
Start trusting your intuition more and more.
Gain your mental focus and clarity back again. 
Banish false hope (That they’re going to come back to you)
Start feeling powerful, calm, and relaxed if you run into your ex.
Have increased self-respect and know your values.
Feel increased self-love & self-confidence.
Gain motivation to start exercising, explore hobbies, getting your life back. 
Know how to easily enforce your boundaries.
Feel like memories of your ex is becoming a distant past.
Easily dissociate emotionally from your ex, so you can move forward.
Progressively bring forgiveness and find inner peace.
Feel at peace with your past.
Confidence to say no to unhealthy relationships.
Start having more fun and pleasure in your life.
Confidence to attract the right partner.
changing lives

The sessions really helped me.  I had 14 sessions within 5 months because I was could not get over an ex- girlfriend and was having really bad anxiety and negative thoughts. The situation was really messing with my head at work and could not focus at all especially being in tech.  I stopped going to the gym, stopped taking care of myself, as if I lost all motivation.  The hypnotherapist told me with hypnosis I could let go of my ex and heal, to start attracting my ideal mate.  That’s really what I wanted because I was dealing with this for two and half year.  I did therapy, Reiky, Yoga, but nothing seemed to have the same impact as the hypnotherapy sessions I had with Sarah

I am forever grateful, the sessions I had with her is worth every penny.  I got the results that I wanted.  She is very warm caring person, was able to understand me on a very deep level, which I am forever grateful for.  I now have more confidence, I am now focused at work, was able to get a promotion because I healed myself.  And two month ago I met my dream partner, I was not expecting that, but that’s the icing on the cake for me.  It’s been great to find a healer that knows her stuff and that focused on me the whole time to help me achieve the results I’ve been wanting.

~David De Jesus


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Here Is “How” I Help You Achieve These Results

How I do that is by using my latest cutting-edge hypnosis induction methods, and through

Mental emotional release (MER), emotional release techniques (ERT), neurolinguistic

programming, Parts integrations, Ericksonian / Elman techniques, Timeline

Therapy, Regression therapy, and NLP breakthrough sessions will have you create faster

results getting over your ex in a much more holistic way.  Through hypnosis, we can have

your mind neutralize emotions associated with  your Ex. You’ll have the freedom to think

straight, feeling normal again.  This way you’ll heal faster, and naturally re-program

your mind to feel confidence in yourself again. 


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Changing your life is only a phone call away!


Sarah is wonderful.  She is understanding and compassionate and it is so easy to feel comfortable around her.  I went to see her because I developed negative obsessive thoughts and it was ruining my life.  Sarah helped me get rid of the obsessive thoughts and I feel like my life is back to normal.  I am so so grateful to Sarah for “fixing” me.  I would not hesitate to go back to Sarah if I feel like I ever need her help again.

~ Elizabeth C. Fremont, CA


“What If” It’s Really Possible To Heal Your Heart & Get Your Life Back?

Absolutely!  Yes you can… After every relationship is an opportunity to re-assess your life

and upgrade.  It’s an opportunity to level up your game.  Most people think it’s about

looking good on Instagram to level up.  But one can look good and feel so broken on the

inside.  Most people do nothing and waste 3-5 years to heal.  But with hypnosis, you have

the opportunity to to level up immediately.  Within 2-3 short months you can heal from the

inside out, feel good and become the real deal at finding love again. 


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Heal Your Broken Heart, You Deserve It! 

Take Advantage Of My Expertise

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Spots are limited, call today to receive a 50% discount on your initial intake Consult

Session.  I personally guarantee that if you make a diligent effort to change your old

patterns, habits and emotions that are holding you back with hypnosis and don’t see

results based on the Number of recommended sessions, I continue working with you until

those results are achieved.   

Guarantee satisfaction

Once my calendar is filled up, you’ll have to be on a waiting list.  You have the power to

stop feeling powerless.  Some people put up with the same old situation for years, and

really don’t seek the help or support until everything keeps falling apart.  It’s sad, because

only if they had gotten support, they would have been in a better position and would have

not need to suffer for so long.  The is hope, call today.  I would love to talk to you to find out

how to support you in moving forward with your life. 

Healing Your Heart Is Totally Possible! Find Out How You Can Begin Today

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Get your Heart Whole!


It Hurts Too Much Not Healing Your Broken Heart:

Not getting your hear healed up, You’ll continue to:

Keep struggling to come to term with emotions of the past that have you miss

opportunities on a daily.

Keep losing focus from overthinking which drains your energy.

Constantly doubt yourself in future relationships that cause you sabotage. 

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.  Heal your heart, level up and get on with your life

with a smile on your face.  Healing your heart is how you’ll level up your life.  

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