How to Strengthen your “Will Power” to Implement a Productive Habit

How to Strengthen your “Will Power” to Implement a Productive Habit

Did you know that you can brainwash your mind into any new habit that works for you?

Here is the thing, all facets of life is hypnotic. And that is actually a very good thing. What you focus your attention on will expand, and this is true for everything that you do in life. By implementing daily even 3 to 4 of the principles that I am about to share, you will begin to strengthen your “Will Power” which will allow you to begin incorporating the habit/lifestyle you desire in no time.

Interested? Let’s get to it!

Read about it

When you become passionate about a topic, you can become invested in it. Based on what you read over time, your conscious mind absorbs and adopt a new belief. This strengthens your core beliefs into action.

Watch a documentary about it

Watching a documentary that favors the new lifestyle or habits is informative and visually stimulating. Most documentaries show pros and cons with facts and real life examples to strengthen your belief. This helps in two ways, the facts prove the assertion at a conscious level, while real life examples make it real and relatable at the unconscious level.

Find Comparative Studies where the new habit or lifestyles wins

An example of this maybe Organic food vs. GMO foods. By reading opposing studies, you are creating an aversion effect. An aversion effect is when you are present to the negative impact of the habit or belief. At some level, if the reward (or potential pleasure) is big enough or the consequences (or potential pain) are bad enough everyone will move toward or away from.

Be Infatuated in finding out more

Every finding leads to the next finding. Discovery re-enforces the level of importance to you, which in turns re-enforces your beliefs and dedication to implement the lifestyle or habit.

Look for its Evidence

What you focus on, really does expand. When you look for evidence, you will find it. This actually builds up your “truth” and creates a sense of certainty that you will be finding yourself following the practices that you are wanting to implement

Find people with the desired habit and hang out with them

Like seems to attract like. There have been numerous studies to support this idea. Finding a community that supports the lifestyle or habit creates a group consciousness that affirms and nurtures the new habit or lifestyle. It is in this nurturing environment that the habit or lifestyle that you want to implement can grow, expand and thrive. That’s why communities are so powerful, and people pay big bucks to join, but it is so WORTH IT!

Turn your habit or Lifestyle into a HOBBY

When you turn your habit/lifestyle into a hobby, it becomes part of your life. Life should be fun, not work nor a hassle. By practicing, it will no longer be something you do once or twice anymore, it becomes part of your everyday routine.

With no counter-opposing beliefs to the habit that you are wanting to implement, this process can seem to work like magic. Whether it is your diet, exercising, creating happiness, or changing careers, you can make it all happen. It is all about creating new patterns, habits and emotions that reprograms your sub-conscious bio-computer in order for your life to work as you intended.

Hypnotherapy sessions dramatically interrupt old patterns, habits and emotions; and reprogram your sub-conscious bio-computer with new patterns, habits and emotions that supports your “NEW” lifestyle.

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